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Gemstone Beauty

We are loving how our handmade gemstone pendant turned out ☝️. The more we use these into our designs, we come to realize that gemstone jewelry never goes out of style and they are more versatile to wear. When we added the the third stone we couldnt help but notice the warm color complements the color of Fall 🍁🍂🍁We are officially obsessed over gemstones!

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Advice and Reflection

Hi everyone! A few things i wanted to share with you... One is one of my new necklaces (verity necklace) and second is some good words :) One of the best advices I got today.." What you say and do, how your practice is a reflection of your dedication to this craft. Remember what brought you here in the first place, what made you sign up for this... your story: YOU ARE SPECIAL. CONTINUE TO BE EXTRAORDINARY." ...and so I shall!  Thanks for believing in me ya'll.  Be humble. Be originalBe yourself.Be extraordinary!  B E X O

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