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Limited Edition

  Another beautiful gemstone we got in Sedona, the magical Labradorite. The shimmering of blue iridescence just adds magic to the stone. It is a protective stone that raises consciousness and wards off negative energy. The handmade Labradorite Necklace will be posted on the site soon ☆We will be launching a BEXO Limited Edition Collection for certain gemstone pieces. In this collection we will feature our "one of a kind pieces". ☆

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Jasper Inspired

♢Inspired by the red rocks in Sedona, AZ we will be adding Jasper to our handmade Gemstone Collection. Jasper is the "nuturing stone" that has a beautiful blend of patterns and colors of reds, browns, and pinks. It is a stone of gentleness, comfort, and relaxation. This stone can also be used for bringing beauty into life and specific situations. The sight of Sedona truly inspired us and these pieces remind us of the natural beauty. These handpicked pieces are truly "one of a kind"♢  

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BEXO's First Vendor Event

Exciting news! BEXO's first vendor event 😊! A big and special thank you to @aceniza & @storm_on_cy for this fun and amazing opportunity to join your Winter Boutique Event. The highlight of the event was talking to all the customers and vendors. The thing they all have in common is a connecting thread of passion for raising their children in such a lovely community. A great big thank you to my fiancé as well. He has helped out tremendously throughout this process, not only in my recovery but in BEXO.   "BElieve in yourself, and follow your passion."

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