About me


“I love to design jewelry for extraordinary individuals like you… the trendsetters, the style makers, and the inspired. "

My passion for design started when I took my first Fashion and Production class, which allowed me to express my vision and art skills in the projects that I have created. My love for fashion, design, and creative projects started to unfold. I started to piece my experiences, inspirations, and my love for fashion together that bonded my unique jewelry designs.

I have been surrounded by people who have followed their dreams and passion, and it was time to follow mine. My family, friends, and mentors all have different skills, styles, and stories that make them extraordinary individuals. Which has inspired me even more.

It is what formed the foundation of BEXO. Bexo stands for “be xtraordinary”.

The way I have come to define extraordinary is being a person that lives into their purpose and vision, and anyone is capable of achieving what they want in life. Keeping this meaning in mind, each jewelry design inspires myself and other individuals to “be xtraordinary”